Basil Cultivars


Amethyst Improved Basil © Christmas Basil © Cinnamon Basil © Karen Jackson 2013 Cinnamon Basil Flowers ©
Fig. 1
Amethyst Improved Basil Ocimum basilicum var. purpurescens

Fig. 2

Christmas Basil

O. basilicum

Fig. 3

Cinnamon Basil

O. basilicum ‘Cinnamon'

Fig. 4

Cinnamon Basil Flowers

O. basilicum

Fig. 1 Named varieties include 'Purple Ruffles' and 'Dark Opal.'

Traditionally sold as a flowering bedding plant having light purple flowers and dark purple foliage,

it can also be used as the other edible basils. 

Clove Basil © Dark Opal Basil © Lemon Basil © Lettuce Leaf Basil ©

Fig. 5

Clove Basil

O. basilicum

A clove and mint flavour.

Fig. 6

Dark Opal Basil

O. basilicum var. purpurescens

A named variety with dark purple foliage, producing light purple flowers. Use as you would the other edible Basils.

Fig. 7

Lemon Basil

O. x citriodorum

‘Lesbos’ is seedless, propagated by cuttings only. Bright green leaves and a strong lemon flavor. It is used in Laos, Thai, Indonesian, Persian and Arabic cuisine. Useful for potpourris.

Fig. 8

Lettuce Leaf Basil

O. basilicum var. lactucafolium

Crinkly leaves to about 3" wide. Of Italian origin called 'monstrous leaved'.



Licorice Basil © Lime Basil © Mammoth Sweet Basil © Napoletano Basil ©

Fig. 9

Licorice Basil

O. basilicum

Fig. 10

Lime Basil

O. americanum

Fig. 11

Mammoth Sweet Basil

O. basilicum

Fig. 12

Napoletano Basil

O. basilicum



New Guinea Basil © Purple Delight Basil © Purple Ruffles Basil © Purple Basil © Karen Jackson 2013

Fig. 13

New Guinea Basil

O. basilicum

Fig. 14

Purple Delight Basil

O. basilicum

Fig. 15

Purple Ruffles Basil

O. basilicum var.


A named variety with dark purple foliage and producing light purple flowers, use as other edible Basils.

Fig. 16

Purple-leaved Basil

O. basilicum var. purpurescens



Red Rubin Basil © Spice Basil © Spicy Globe Basil © Karen Jackson 2013 Sweet Basil © Karen Jackson 2013

Fig. 17

Red Rubin Basil

O. basilicum var.purpurescens

Fig. 18

Spice Basil

O. basilicum

Fig. 19

Spice Basil

O. basilicum

Fig. 20

Sweet Basil

O. basilicum

This is Common Basil with wrinkled leaves, white flowers and growing to about 2' (60cm).



Thai Basil ©

Fig. 21

Thai Basil

O. basilicum

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