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Vietnamese salad rolls - Goi Cuon Chay

Vietnamese salad rolls - Goi Cuon Chay

Rice papers filled with vermicelli noodles, green onion, mint (home-grown), nasturtium flowers (home-grown), lettuce (home-grown) and seasoned Soy Curls with a peanut hoisin dipping sauce.

"I like to make Vietnamese salad rolls in the summer (goi cuon) and since they're especially sturdy little travelers, I think they're great for potlucks and picnics. I packed some up yesterday and hit the park with some friends.

I think the Soy Curls were a welcome change to the standard tofu roll. I hydrated them in plain ol' boiling water until soft, then squeezed out all possible drops of water. I heated them up in a skillet and dry fried them for a couple of minutes to remove more moisture, then sauteed them in a tablespoon of canola until they started to pick up some color. Then I simply added a bit of wheat-free tamari, a big squirt of Sriracha and some minced garlic and cooked well. Once they were just about done and pretty brown (the soy sauce caramelizes on them a bit) I added a medium sized drizzle of maple syrup which also caramelizes and gives them a deeper layer of flavor and color.

I usually pack my salad rolls too full, but yesterday I figured out a new trick which produces a tighter more uniform roll. Instead of laying all the toppings on top of each, spread them out across the rice paper a bit, then capture them up as you roll. I also like to place the nasturtiums towards the end, so they show through the paper.​"


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